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Unjustly rejected by his parents after the heart-wrenching disappearance of his younger sister, James Shepherd discovered purpose and camaraderie within the elite ranks of the US Navy SEALs. But his world is upended when a tragic crash leaves him paralyzed. Now struggling to accept disability and rebuild his life after the loss of his career, James receives a covert message from the first human colony on Mars. A young woman, named K-8, pleads for his help. She claims to be imprisoned alongside teenagers and children and forced to undergo mysterious transfusions that make her sick.

But what can he do? He’s penniless, stuck on the wrong planet and trapped in a wheelchair. The increasingly desperate messages continue, but it isn’t until James uncovers a startling connection to his lost sister that he’s launched into action.

The former SEAL must risk everything in an all-out attempt to reach Mars and rewrite their intertwined fates. But will his shattered body hold out long enough to solve this mystery and complete one last mission, or will he join the growing number of bodies being buried on Mars?

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