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About A.J.


I was born in Flint, Michigan to a hospital lab tech and an auto factory worker. At age 4 we moved to Minnesota.


After university and now newly married, I took my double minor (yes, NOT double major!) and moved to Washington State.


25 years, 4 daughters, 3 careers and 1 cat later, I felt called to write a novel about spelling revision.


I could only squeeze in 1 writing day per week and a year later, I finished a rough draft.

It stunk.

Seriously. There's no adjectives strong enough to describe how rotten it was.


Readers deserved better, so I took time to sharpen my writing skills then used the ultimate writer's tool: The Time Machine. I went back to the novel’s beginning and tinkered with reality. James gained a girlfriend and lost a dead wife. Rewrite by rewrite, the story improved.


The real cost of a book isn't its cover price, it's the time it takes to read it. Those 50,000 heartbeats that could have been spent on anything else. I find this both humbling and a profound responsibility. I don't know how many thousands of hours I poured into rewrites, but I know every reader was worth it.

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